Helene Bellas - Respiratory Physiotherapist
Helene Bellas
Respiratory Physiotherapist
Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Have you noticed that your breathing just doesn’t feel right?
  • Are you very aware of your breathing?
  • Do you feel like you just can’t get deep or satisfying breath?
  • Getting chest pain?
  • Stomach upsets?
  • Feeling dizzy or light headed?
  • Poor sleep quality?
  • Struggle to talk and feeling breathless?
  • Do you worry a lot?
  • Feel anxious and stressed?
  • I have a lung disease but I’m not sure if I am doing all the right things?
  • Could I manage my asthma better?
  • I use my inhalers but I’m still really breathless?
  • I cough all the time.
  • I get frequent chest infections.
  • I have had recent heart or lung surgery and have been told to exercise, but I am scared?
  • Have a heart or lung condition and want to get fitter?
  • I have recently been in hospital and have lost my confidence.
  • My balance isn’t very good, and I am scared of falling.
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Mrs Lucy P.

Helene carefully designed a targeted exercise routine for me, taking into account my long term health conditions. She was both encouraging and inspiring and my breathing and mobility has improved significantly, as well as my sense of achievement and well being

Mrs Jenny H.

With Helene’s help I progressed from being unable to run up the stairs to winning gold at the British Masters half-marathon championships! Since the initial course of treatment sessions I’ve seen Helene every couple of months to make sure I keep on the right track, and I haven’t had any further problems. I highly recommend Helene.

Mr Steve P.

After my first session with Helene I found my breathing was easier, and I became a lot calmer as a result. The tools she gave me to help regulate my own breathing I use every day. Highly recommended.

Mrs Sarah T.

I have seen Helene regularly over the past 12 months for management of a breathing pattern disorder. Helene quickly identified that I had quite a complex presentation, and I really felt like she treated me as an individual and planned our treatment sessions accordingly, rather than just following a generic process. This made for a very positive experience, and I am very grateful to Helene for the care and kindness she showed me, as well as her considerable expertise.

Mr Tom L.

Following a recommendation I visited Helene to help with the symptoms of Long-Covid. Following my sessions with her, my breathing has become a lot easier which has made things much easier to manage. I would recommend that anyone who is suffering from Long Covid spends time with Helene.